[PVE-User] VM windows 2008 issue.

Holger Ernst he at ernstdatenmedien.de
Fri Jul 1 12:34:22 CEST 2011

Hi Alain,
you use virtio NIC on Win2008 without problems? We swithced back to e1000 while having severe problems (loss of connectivity) when handling large data files (50GB).
Muhammad: As Alain says. We have some Win2008 produvtion servers virtualized (some build from scratch, some migrated from real iron) without problems. We use virtio driver for disk, e1000 driver for NIC. Virtual disks on lvm partitions if possible.
Regards, Holger


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Hi Muhammad,

As already sait in this thread :

I installed recently several windows 2008 R2 VMs with no problem, so I don't understand the problem there. I am using 2.6.35 kernel, with Proxmox 1.8. I don't know if it matters (it's a long time I installed windows 2008, before 1.8).

I am using 30 GB raw files, 2 Go Ram, and virtio NIC (minimum hardware requirement following Microsoft). I install the virtio NIC drivers after first reboot, from fedora repo :


Le 01/07/2011 09:24, Muhammad Yousuf Khan a écrit : 

	Dear all, 

	unfortunately i can not run any windows 2008 VM. no matter i install fresh copy, i restore, what ever. but it keep hang of boot. not actually hang but it didn't boot at all. and stock when try to read Hard disk. no matter what i try. i use VMDK and RAW things are still same. the same error has been discussed in proxmox forum with no solution. 


	is there any one have resolved this issue.

	Thank you.

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