[PVE-User] Installer does not work with keyboard?

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Fri Jan 14 08:42:49 CET 2011

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On 01/12/2011 10:05 PM, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
> What kind of remote console (exactly)?

I had replied to this earlier but don't see it on the list yet so maybe I
replied personally.  I have more information on it though.

The KVM is the IPMI + KVM cards that are a part of the Supermicro
6026TT-BTF systems.  It doesn't list a specific part number now that
they're integrated onto the motherboard, but it's very similar to the
AOC-SIMSO+ add-on boards that they used to have on the 5015B-MTB systems.
It's a board that supports IPMI plus a web server that allows you access to
system power and a Java applet that will connect you to the graphics/text
console and do remote media.

We did a firmware update on the IPMI board, and I also found a setting in
the main config menu (not in the remote console configuration) which
changes the mouse to "relative" positioning.  Between the two of these I
was able to click buttons and complete the install.

During this, however, I made some more attempts at using the keyboard for
controlling the installer, with no luck.  On none of the screens did the
indicated Alt+LETTER combinations work, and while TAB took the focus off
the "I agree" button, it didn't seem to put it anywhere useful, and
additional tabs didn't seem to bring it back.  Additionaly, pressing space
when the "I agree" button was highlighted didn't seem to do anything.

So, there do definitely seem to be problems with driving the installer from
the keyboard.

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