[PVE-User] VM with NFS come in strange mode after a restart of the VM

Manu Lestrelin emmanuel.lestrelin at univmed.fr
Tue Jan 4 17:22:25 CET 2011

/En français :/

Il y a un bug connu concernant NFS avec l'implémentation d'OpenVZ dans
les noyaux récents : <http://bugzilla.openvz.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1626>

J'ai été confronté au même problème avec le noyau 2.6.32 de Proxmox VE.
Un downgrade vers le noyau 2.6.18 a résolu tous mes soucis...

D'ailleurs il est bien précisé dans le wiki que seul le noyau 2.6.18
implémente des versions stables d'OpenVZ et KVM :

/In english (Google translation) :/

There is a known bug with NFS concerning the implementation of OpenVZ in
recent kernels: <http://bugzilla.openvz.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1626>

I faced the same problem with kernel version 2.6.32 of Proxmox VE. A
downgrade to the 2.6.18 kernel solved all my problems ...

Moreover it is clearly specified in the wiki that only the 2.6.18 kernel
implements stable versions of OpenVZ and KVM:


Le 04/01/2011 16:45, Elodie BOSSIER a écrit :
> Greetings,
> When i enable NFS for a container with the command :
> vzctl set 102 --features "nfs:on" --save
> I can't anymore stop or restart the VM, the virtual machine without
> timeout and go back in strange running mode without system. I must
> reboot the main server to be able to use the virtual machine again.
> Before to start this VM  after a restart of the main server, i disable
> NFS with the command :
> vzctl set 102 --features "nfs:off" --save
> I can stop or restart the VM as i want without problems.
> I'm sorry for my bad english and i hope you understand me correctly
> and you could solve this problem :)
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