[PVE-User] Constant crashes with high IO load from FreeBSD guests

Myke G mykel at mWare.ca
Mon Jan 3 20:21:43 CET 2011


On 2010-12-28 13:30, Myke G wrote:
> On 2010-12-28 13:24, Myke G wrote:
>> If the guest fires up a tar of / or a particularly large ./configure 
>> of something, eventually, within seconds to minutes, the Proxmox node 
>> hangs. Usually there's no console messages, and I have to use the 
>> IPMI interface to reset the machine. (I'm 500KM from the datacenter)
>> We've tried FreeBSD 7 and 8, with SCSI and IDE, Realtek and Intel 
>> NICs... no difference. We've only tried with i386 builds (stock from 
>> ISO, and also updated to -STABLE). I've moved the guest around to 
>> different nodes in the cluster, and the VM-IO-induced crashing is 
>> universal. AFAIK the hardware is fine, the crashes follow this user's 
>> workpatterns - which aren't exceptional IMO. We've recreated this 
>> instance 4 times now I think.
> Missed observation:
> Proxmox's backups are also a fairly consistent trigger.
> Compressed or not.
> Local storage (on a second drive) or when it's dumping to an NFS store.
> I should've mentioned all my guest VMs (KVM or VZ) are running from 
> local storage.
> I repeat: all the hardware SEEMS fine, the Proxmox crashing follows 
> the workload. (I have several X2200s, I've swapped out the machines 
> during this time too)
> I wrote a few weeks ago about how (snapshot) backups were making 
> FreeBSD guests become stopped. It seems related, but again, no logs or 
> any useful information I can glean.

I know it's the tail end of holidays here, but I was wondering if anyone 
had had any ideas or suggestions? I still have no useful/aberrant 
information from the logs.


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