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Sun Feb 27 15:12:22 CET 2011

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> Hi,
> On Sunday 27 February 2011 09.52:01 Dietmar Maurer wrote:
> > [...] Direct
> > > commit to the repository (which I couldn't find either) ?
> [...]
> > Please wait until we have 2.0 released. It will have the basic
> > infrastructure to do such things.
> Since you claim to be an open source project,

[Martin Maurer] 
Proxmox VE is Open source - this means that the source code is available under the chosen license. Open source  does really not mean that everybody outside can tell me how to work and how to drink my daily coffee - this is a real misunderstanding. I assume you should read the license before you complain that we do not act according to our license.  

The facts:
Currently all sources are available on our ftp server, also external developers has access to our SVN and bug tracker. Beginning with the first release of 2.0 we will do changes, see the roadmap.

> act like one and open the
> source code repository for read access.  Maybe more people might be
> interested in contributing.
[Martin Maurer] 
Yes, a lot are doing this. if you want to contribute, do it. What's the problem? 
> Proxmox does a great job, and I like using it, but it feels entirely like a closed
> product, with the availability of source code a necessity for license reasons.

I cannot see any space for your feelings here, it's just great software and an open and fast growing community - and everybody is invited to join.

Br, Martin

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