[PVE-User] HW raid support? Intel RS2BL040

Pongrácz István pongracz.istvan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 10:27:15 CET 2011


 Dear Guys,

I would like to ask you abuot this kind of hw. raid card: Intel RS2BL040

Do you know, the 2.6.32 kernel does support this kind of hardware raid?

I know, it is not contain BBU in default, but support it and it is
recommended to use one.


(Anyway, in a recent server pveperf reports only ~100 FSYNC/SEC, which is
incredibely low (software raid1). Seems, even it is possible to use software
raid and the hdparm -tT shows high performance (even pveperf), but somehow
this only parameter significantly low and it is a bottleneck for the whole
system. )


Üdvözlettel / Kind regards

Pongrácz István


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