[PVE-User] pve and squeeze?

Giuseppe "Gippa" Paternó gpaterno at gpaterno.com
Wed Feb 16 22:04:18 CET 2011

Gippa++ .... apart from the kernel (which I ack has openvz), I'd love to see more upstream cooperation. 
i'm willing to support if you wish.

Giuseppe "Gippa" Paternó

On 16 Feb 2011, at 21:18, Adrian von Bidder <avbidder at fortytwo.ch> wrote:

> Hi!
> With what happened two weeks ago, I'm obviously very curious now ... is 
> there an ETA for a squeeze based pve?
> And also: it has been hinted that there is no plan to integrate pve into 
> Debian because there are too many packages which are modified from Debian.  
> Has this situation changed with squeeze?  Is there a list somewhere of what 
> features are missing in Debian's version of the packages that pve replaces 
> by its own?
> thanks in advance
> Adrian von Bidder
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