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Flavio Stanchina flavio.stanchina at ies.it
Wed Feb 2 14:11:49 CET 2011

On 14/10/2010 15:29,
Philippe Dhont <Philippe.Dhont at gems-group.com> wrote:
> I have a windows 2008 server in test environment with 30 GB harddisk.
> Is there a possibility with proxmox to make the harddisk bigger or smaller ?

Not from the Proxmox VE interface.

If you've configured the VM disk on LVM, it's as easy as running 
lvresize, lvextend or lvreduce from the shell. Remember to shrink 
partitions in the guest *before* you reduce the virtual disk!

If you've used a file-based virtual disk, AFAIK qemu-img can't resize 
any of the numerous formats it supports. I don't think qcow2 is growable 
and that's a serious drawback of that format. For example, VMware 
virtual disks (vmdk) are growable with vmware-vdiskmanager. Don't know 
about the other virtual disk formats; I suppose raw would be easy to 
extend/reduce, you'd just need a call to ftruncate(), but maybe there 
are tools to do that.

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