[PVE-User] Networking in Proxmox 2.0

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Well... I think the vmbr0 it's similar whit any kind of bridge setting on
Debian systems...
So, I believe that you can put the properly configuration on
/etc/network/interfaces, like that:

 # Bridge setup iface br0 inet static        bridge_ports eth0 eth1
    address        broadcast        netmask        gateway

Just change the IP and the name of bridge to match your system...


2011/12/31 Steven Anderson <hikenboot at yahoo.com>

> Greetings!
> I have created the following setup (started through proxmox gui) but I
> lost connectivity from host to internet and to iscsi shares because eth0
> shows no ip address assigned to it even though in /etc/network/interfaces
> one is specified.
> How do I put an ip address on vmbr0 and also maintain the address on the
> host so that all vm's can communicate to internet and to all guest VM's?
> Here is my config
>  I am trying to bridge with KVM vm's in proxmox2.0 on Debian Squeeze. I
> have tried through the interface of proxmox to get it working with no luck
> so i went back to the old config file /etc/network/interfaces...here is my
> config http://pastebin.com/Bb90gDN5      I can get no route to internet
> which is external to VM's and attached to physical eth0 also ifconfig as
> shown above shows no ip address on phyisical interface eth0.even though a
> ip address is specified
> How do i fix this.
> help is appreciated,thanks
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