[PVE-User] Anyone using High Availability in Proxmox + Asterisk?

Robert Fantini rob at fantinibakery.com
Sat Dec 24 00:10:51 CET 2011

On 12/23/2011 02:58 PM, Bruce B wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We have been successful running multiple instances of Asterisk in 
> OpenVZ and it's been running solid. However, I am wondering if there 
> is any value in taking advantage of the Proxmox High Availability or 
> Cluster (Which I don't have experience with at all).
> - So, my question is if it's worth the hassle or simply do nightly 
> vzdump of container?
> - Also, how does the high availability work? Can I have a call 
> hand-off to the other container without cutting a call?
> I think it would be great if I get a brief of over-view of HA 
> capabilities in the context of Asterisk (if it applies at all).
> Thanks,
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  We use Asterisk on hardware because we still have  a pots line and use 
queues . [ I read in the past that queues + virtualization did not work 
well .]

  Our high availability  set up on h/w uses drbd and heartbeat .  if the 
phone system breaks or has to be restarted to use a new kernel then the 
secondary takes over.   Of course restarts due to kernel upgrade is done 
off hours and I always do this before a switch over: asterisk -rx "core 
show channels"
  I like the proxmox 2.0 high availability setup better then our 
drbd/heartbeat method , mainly because it is easier for others to 
understand and administer.

In my opinion , high availability for asterisk is very important.  
Having a set up that makes it so if a motherboard broke , that Asterisk 
would be running with in 60 seconds or less  to  another node is 
excellent, and that is what proxmox 2.0 high availability should do.

  for  not interrupting a phone call   the best way to better then that 
is to use the best hardware a business can afford.

BTW: do you use queues using openvz?

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