[PVE-User] Screencasts

Derek W. Poon derekp+pve at ece.ubc.ca
Fri Dec 23 19:54:07 CET 2011


Thanks for making the videos.

On some of the silent videos, adding some narration would be useful.  Without it, I find myself guessing what the intentions are behind each action.  It would also help because the text in the UI is small and slightly fuzzy.

For example, in the "Create NFS storage and upload ISO" video, perhaps you could briefly explain:

* Are you creating an NFS export on the Proxmox server?  Or are you getting the Proxmox nodes to act as clients for an NFS share on a NAS device?  About one minute into the video, analyzing the prompts on the dialog box, I deduce that it's the latter.

* For the Content types, you selected Backups, ISO, Templates.  Why not Containers too?  With Containers, would performance be acceptable? Would there be file locking issues?

On the other hand, the "Proxmox VE installation" video is self-explanatory (except for the fact that you are installing Proxmox in a KVM guest for the purpose of capturing the video, which is simultaneously funny and awesome).


On 2011-12-23, at 4:35 AM, Martin Maurer wrote:

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> I also started to create video tutorials, published on our Youtube channel - including a short demo of HA -http://www.youtube.com/user/ProxmoxVE
> [...]

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