[PVE-User] Querying the REST API

Germain Maurice germain.maurice at linkfluence.net
Sat Dec 17 17:41:21 CET 2011

Thank you Dietmar, it works better now.
I got a ticket, however if I do :
curl -k -d "PVEAuthCookie=PVE:root at pam:4EECBED4::Q3Qp4H.....iAtA4a0w=="
I get : {"data":null}
The same for : "/access/users/root at pam"
It seems to be the same for all commands, excepting "/access/ticket" :)

Le 17/12/11 11:20, Dietmar Maurer a écrit :
> OK, started some doku at: http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Proxmox_VE_API
> Does that work for you?
> - Dietmar Maurer
>> Firstly, i would like to congratulate you for the really good work you did on PVE
>> 2.0.
>> Secondly, i'm playing with the API and i didn't succeeded to make a very basic
>> request.

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