[PVE-User] OpenVZ live migration, qemu-kvm-1.0, new kernel and a lot of bugfixes!

Koichi MATSUMOTO mzch at me.com
Thu Dec 8 17:44:27 CET 2011


aptitude failed to upgrade vzctl because vzctl_3.0.29-3pve6_amd64.deb can't be unpacked.

On 2011/12/08, at 22:25, Martin Maurer wrote:

> Hi all!
> We just released a bunch of updates for our Proxmox VE 2.0 beta. Just run "aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade" to update from a previous beta.
> Make sure you re-load the management GUI to eliminate issues with the browser cache. E.g. If you run Firefox, hold the shift-key and reload the page.
> New Features
> - OpenVZ live migration
> - Qemu-kvm-1.0
> - New Kernel, based on vzkernel-2.6.32-042stab044.5.src.rpm
> - Countless small bug fixes
> Get involved (incl. links to the public Git repository and Bugzilla bug tracker):
> http://www.proxmox.com/products/proxmox-ve/get-involved
> Happy testing, waiting for feedback!
> __________________
> Best regards,

Koichi MATSUMOTO - http://maccoterie.com/
   contact me? please see http://mch.tel/
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