[PVE-User] Error creating an openvz container in Version 2 Beta

David Hackl dhonline.mobil at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 21:22:43 CET 2011

Hi People!

I just installed the Beta on an minimal Squeeze system like it is
written in the wiki (see here:

Everything went fine so far. But when I try to create a openvz
container, I get the following error:

Creating container private area (centos-5-standard_5.6-1_i386.tar.gz)
vzquota : (error) Quota off syscall for id 101: Resource temporarily unavailable
vzquota off failed [3]
vzquota : (warning) Quota is broken for id 101
Creation of container private area failed
TASK ERROR: command 'vzctl --skiplock create 101 --ostemplate
--private /var/lib/vz/private/101' failed: exit code 66

Any idea why this happens?


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