[PVE-User] PVE 2.0: manually importing a disk image in a VM

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Thu Dec 1 14:34:34 CET 2011

See https://bugzilla.proxmox.com/show_bug.cgi?id=57

As a workaround, you need to add the disk in the /etc/pve/qemu-server/VMID.conf manually.

If you define the disk as unused in the config it will show also up on the gui and you can add it with the needed options.

> unused0: lvm-ims:vm-102-disk-2
> unused1: lvm-ims:vm-102-disk-3


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> Hi,
> in the early release of Proxmox it was possible (even if probably it wasn't
> documented anywhere) to manually copy a disk image in the correct VM folder
> and being able to attach it to an already created VM.
> Now with proxmox 2.0, seems that it isn't looking in the vm folder when editing
> VM storage devices.
> Maybe should be added a button beside upload in the storage view to attach an
> already existing disk to a virtual machine (or to move disk between different
> VMs)?
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