[PVE-User] Very slow server (RAW IDE discs and KVM)

Muhammad Yousuf Khan sirtcp at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 07:46:50 CEST 2011

well bro , amazingly my PC got the same virus from your computer  ! :)  just
kidding. actually since last day i am facing a problem in my VM ISA server
where the OS is 2003,  for previously it was working fine but last night my
F/W service was crashed so i restarted and it gave me the login window
as exacted however my LAN cards showed up after 20 minutes and opening a ISA
console takes like 10 minutes or so. why it happens i dont have a clue, i
restored the last backup i thought this might be due to corruptions of
windows so i restored the last VM backup and unfortunately issue remain
the same furthermore other VMs are working fine. now i am worried that if
other got the same issue then what would i do. anyways still working and
trying to find an appropriate solution. let see if Proxmox gurus have to add
some thing in this regard.

Sorry bro i never had the experience regarding sending error report via
email .

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> Thank you again for your reply. I have been quite busy the last couple of
> days that’s why this reply comes so late.****
> The problem we have is only recent and we have been using this ProxMox
> server for more than a year now, so it must have something to do with the
> backups I think. After killing and removing the backups I have stopped all
> machines and restarted the server (a couple of times), but still the problem
> persists. I have also removed the machine causing the problems and created a
> new one, but that new one is giving me the exact same problem I had before.
> ****
> I am now trying to make the email work, because I think the system wants to
> mail me some reports by email, but it can’t at the moment. Maybe those
> reports tell me more what’s wrong.****
> Do you have any experience setting up the email in ProxMox so the server
> can send messages to you? At the moment this is part of my syslog :****
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