[PVE-User] Very slow server (RAW IDE discs and KVM)

Frédéric Massot frederic at juliana-multimedia.com
Wed Aug 10 11:48:46 CEST 2011

Le 10/08/2011 09:26, Erik van Ast a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Server is still slow, but with the help of some of you I have tested
> some more things which might tell the experts the reason for this server
> being so slow.
> First of all I installed atop on the Proxmox server so I could see how
> my discs, CPU and RAM were doing.
> Firstly I tried to change both discs from IDE to VIRTIO but that didn't
> make much difference and also changing the network driver to VIRTIO
> didn't change much. I tried shutting down both virtual machines on this
> Proxmox and restarting the Proxmox, but that also didn't do much good
> for the speed of this machine. When turning on only this (2003) machine,
> the speed of that machine is very slow, but when only turning on the
> other (2008) machine, everything seems fine, so I think it must have
> something to do with this machine alone.
> One thing that I see when using atop is that the DSK value tells me the
> disc is busy for 95-99% when the 2003 virtual server is busy and when it
> has been turned off the DSK value is somewhere between 5-10%. I also
> created a new machine, but when installing this new machine, the DSK
> value also raised to 95-99% so something must be wrong....


Can you provide a complete DSK line and for the CPU line, what is the 
value of wait? ?

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