[PVE-User] Need some advice with iSCSI storage

Hart, Brian R. brianhart at ou.edu
Fri Aug 5 16:37:55 CEST 2011


Sorry, I didn't clarify in my original email but our iSCSI SAN makes use
of multipath, so the way we currently use proxmox with it is to use the
LVM on network backed storage like in the storage model on the wiki.  Does
what you suggest work in this type of environment?  I'm not sure how to
get direct access to the LUN with the multipath configuration that we use.
 Am I just misunderstanding how that would work?

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On 8/4/11 11:37 PM, "Dietmar Maurer" <dietmar at proxmox.com> wrote:

>> Or is there some way that we can just redirect the existing LUN
>> on the iscsi to proxmox and have it just start using it for that VM
>>right away
>Simply create an iscsi storage (enable 'use LUNs directly'). Then you can
>directly attach
>the LUN to the VM.
>- Dietmar

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