[PVE-User] Need some advice with iSCSI storage

Hart, Brian R. brianhart at ou.edu
Thu Aug 4 16:45:37 CEST 2011

Hi all,

We are wanting to migrate our main file server to a virtualized instance
in proxmox but we're having trouble figuring out what might be the best
way to do this so I wanted to get your thoughts.  Our proxmox setup uses
an iSCSI SAN (Dell MD3000i) for shared storage of the nodes. Our file
server currently uses this same SAN but has its own LUN assigned to it for
our large data sets to be stored on (1.8TB volume).

If we want to create a virtualized file server on our proxmox node and
have it access all of the data on this existing volume, what would be the
best way to do that?  Do we need to create a new large virtual disk for
the guest and copy all of the data across?  Or is there some way that we
can just redirect the existing LUN on the iscsi to proxmox and have it
just start using it for that VM right away?  It seems like to make
migrations work and everything we need to create a LV on the shared
storage and assign it to the guest and copy it all over but I fear that is
going to take a LOONNGG time.  Any thoughts or advice?  Thanks!

Brian Hart

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