[PVE-User] Open vSwitch

Glenn Kelley glenn at vinehosting.com
Fri Oct 29 10:25:37 CEST 2010

Great question Gwenn -

I could so see this as being a great addition. 

The current Linux networking model is not really built well for multiple server vm deployments. 
What we are missing now is the dynamic and automated network control that users w/ large networks and multiple servers running pve need. 

I just cant wait to see Open Vswitch get ported to an actual chipset. 
I heard @ one point broadcom wanted to do it - but have not seen it yet... 

+10000000 ;-) 

for those interested - take a peek.   One nice thing is that vSwitch is a module - so it can be put into place w/o a reboot and/or a kernel change. 
have not gotten it into proxmox however 

Glenn - www.BuckEyecolo.com 

On Oct 29, 2010, at 4:15 AM, Gwenn Gueguen wrote:

> Hi all,
> Are there any plan to integrate Open vSwitch into proxmox's network
> model?
> Regards,
> -- 
> Gwenn
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