[PVE-User] Proxmox and multiple VPN connections

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at biofuelstechnologyinc.com
Fri Oct 15 21:01:39 CEST 2010

Greetings All,

I hope that everyone is doing well today.

Recently, I have been playing with a new project development idea and
while searching for various existing technologies on the web, I came
across Proxmox which seems like it might be just what I am looking for
as part of my project which I will explain more below. (Please bare
with me as it might sound a bit crazy but I wanted find the best
solution, ok.)

I looked into all kinds of things like proxy squids, openVPN,
DansGuardian (Smoothwall project), etc..... but still am not sure of
the best solution(s) to combine into one and think that Proxmox could
be an integral part of what I need.

The base of the idea is this. I have say 5 client machines and I would
like to allow each one to connect (via OpenVPN where all of the client
traffice, including web traffice would go through the VPN) to an
independently running (Proxmox) container that has a running copy of
DansGuardian. (ie. there would be 5 different instances of
DansGuardian running because each one will have different content
filtering rules). From that point, each client machine could connect
to internet sites and services (HTTP, FTP, POP, IMAP, etc....)
according to the filtering rules on the Proxmox/DansGuardian server.
The main server (with a single public IP) would allow all of the
client machines to make a VPN connection and the assign it to a
Proxmox container. Each container would not really be running anything

Of course, the base idea is to test out this with 5 machines and then
see how it scales to say 100, and more, Proxmox containers on a single

Also, the idea could be, at a later time, to allow a single Proxmox
container to allow multiple VPN connections and support multiple
client machines under the same set of content filtering rules in
DanGuardian. This might be used to support a small school computer lab
or something.

Anyway, this is the basic idea and I am looking for the best way to
bring it all together. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and I
thank you for your time.

Kind Regards and have a great day,

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