[PVE-User] Routed Setup possible?

"Alexander Täffner (dark alex)" darkalex at firesplash.de
Fri Oct 15 09:01:44 CEST 2010

  Hi again,

I have an addition... did not think of this point:
I have no second IP in that subnet...

So I guess I need to do a kind of NAT.
How to resolve that? (never used NAT) any Ideas?
Thats the way:

Client sends packet to -> Host has assigned as a 
second IP. vServer has an IP
The Host now should NAT to and when the server 
answers it should NAT back to

I'd be happy if you could provide me a kind of a mini-Howto!
Thanks in advance!


Am 14.10.2010 16:29, schrieb "Alexander Täffner (dark alex)":
>  Hi all,
> is there any clean way to setup a routing?
> I have an IP Subnet but need the Hostmachine acting as Router for the
> Packets not to get dropped by the Infrastructure.
> I attached a Visio-Draft of what I mean with some more details. (Needs 
> a PDF Reader like Adobe Acrobat)
> Regards
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> Alexander Täffner
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