[PVE-User] How is Proxmox VE developed?

Adrian von Bidder avbidder at fortytwo.ch
Fri Oct 1 11:37:00 CEST 2010


A friend recently has pointed me to Proxmox VE as a very nice solution; I'd 
like to try it for my own server, and I'm having difficulties answering a 
few not so technical questions from FAQ/Wiki:

 * Availability of Proxmox 2:  even if it's not even beta yet, can I get my 
hands on it?  I really don't like the idea of installing a new server on a 
lenny-based system that I'd then have to upgrade very soon.

 * Developer community:  Is there an open development community?  While 
there are source tarballs, I can't find developer mailing lists, access to 
source code repositories (git, svn, whatever) and similar resources.  From 
afar Proxmox looks like a "in theory open source, but developed like 
commercial software" project.

 * Official Debian packages:  I'm a Debian Developer, so of course I think 
about this when I see debian based products under a Free license...: is it 
planned to have PVE in Debian's "main" repository?  It's completely 
opensource, so this should only be the matter of uploading the Debian 
packages (perhaps after a bit more QA work.  I haven't looked at the 
packages yet, so maybe they're already ok.)

 * Trademark issues: Related to these two:  If somebody were to upload 
Proxmox VE into Debian, would one need to de-brand it first?  Or are the 
Proxmox logo etc. freely licensed with the software?

-- vbi

Microsoft is a national security concern.
        -- Iranian govt. official, according to The Age
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