[PVE-User] KVM vs Container - Why should one use KVM?

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Mon Nov 29 21:39:35 CET 2010

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Bruce B wrote:
> Aside from limitations like one MUST run an .iso to install the OS, are
> there any other features that a container VM can't do that a KVM can do?

I switched all my openvz machines to KVM for some reasons:
a) there was the problem with the openvz patch for 2.6.32 (I needed that
version) and I think I cannot rely on an external patch for my "work".
b) I needed full support for IPv6 but openvz containers had a lot of problem
with it (at least until I switched; maybe today this is not true anymore).
c) I encountered a lot of trouble with the networking management, i.e.
firewalling, proxyarp, tuns, ecc.ecc. that made me crazy until I switched to

I'm waiting for the support of an in-kernel-tree container architecture like
lxc to retry the container approach.

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