[PVE-User] Networking, external IP and KVM guest help request

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sat Nov 27 13:15:20 CET 2010

Matthew Edmondson <suitable.name at googlemail.com> writes:

> I apologise for asking a networking question, I seen a few of them in the
> FAQ, the wiki, the forum and the mail list, but I am stumped and about to
> give up, and am hoping that you might be able to help.
> I use Debian and want to run a number of full KVM guests each with its own
> public IP address.


> What should I be trying to do in order to get a full KVM debian guest?

0. Create a bridge interface on the host, through proxmox.
1. Create a new KVM VM.
2. In the hardware section, create a new virtio network interface.
   * attach this to the bridge seen above.
3. Install Debian in the KVM.
4. Configure 'eth0' inside the Debian VM to the desired public address.

Which is the process that works for us, as well as for giving veth based
public addresses to our OpenVZ containers.

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