[PVE-User] problem with BOND BRIDGE

Justa Guy pve_user at proinbox.com
Sun Nov 14 02:00:40 CET 2010

Hi Manuel,


I'm not sure if I can help without knowing more about your setup, but
I'll try.

Did you make your configuration from the web interface or directly in
the config file?

Network configuration can be done either way in /etc/network/interfaces,
or from the web interface.

I use both to save on typing.

On mine I have 2 NIC ports bonded as 1, and a bridge attached to that
for the VMs to access it.
Sometimes I see people applying an IP address to a bridge, and from what
I understand, Proxmox prefers a bridge to have the IP.

This is the working bond configuration on mine, from file

iface eth7 inet manual

iface eth8 inet manual

auto bond0
iface bond0 inet manual
	slaves eth7 eth8
	bond_miimon 100
	bond_mode balance-rr

auto vmbr3
iface vmbr3 inet static
	bridge_ports bond0
	bridge_stp off
	bridge_fd 0
	dns-search  san.sss.local
	pre-up ifconfig eth7 mtu 16110
	pre-up ifconfig eth8 mtu 16110
	pre-up ifconfig bond0 mtu 16110

The entries after "bridge_fd 0" are extra and might not be present on

Is yours similar? Does this example help it to make sense?



On Tue, 09 Nov 2010 10:30 +0100, "Manuel Rodriguez" <manu at hendaye.com>
> hello I just installed Proxmox and I migrated to xen KVM is very easy 
> this distribution is really great.
> I still encounter a problem with the network I wanted to jump my two 
> cards and then make a bridge of BOND.
> machines that are not on dialogue Proxmox well with VM but the VM it 
> does not converse among many ping loss etc ...
> a server even answer me duplicate address ..
> Here is an idea that someone thank you in advance
> bonjour je viens d'installer proxmox et j'ai migré de xen vers KVM trés 
> facilement est cette distribution est vraiment super.
> je rencontre tout de même un problème avec le réseau j'ai voulu faire un 
> BOND de mes deux cartes puis faire un bridge du BOND.
> les machines qui ne sont pas sur proxmox dialogue bien avec les VM mais 
> les VM entre elle ne dialogue pas bien perte de ping etc ...
> un serveur me repond meme duplicat adresse ..
> voila est ce quelqu'un à une idée merci d'avance 
> probleme avec BOND et BRIDGE
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