[PVE-User] NEEDP HELP BADLY - VM only picks up IPV6 and no IPV4 once launched and there is no console access whatsoever....

"Alexander Täffner (dark alex)" darkalex at firesplash.de
Wed Nov 3 16:27:24 CET 2010


which kernel is running? Try uname -a and send me the output.
I got similar issues while accidentialy using a normal linux kernel 
instead of a -pve Kernel.


Am 03.11.2010 16:15, schrieb Bruce B:
> Hello Everyone,
> I can create VM with ethernet bridge to vmbr0 and start the system but 
> I can't get into the VM because it has either picked up an IPv6 and 
> not an IPv4 or because the Console (VNC - Java) feature is not working 
> at all.
> I have tried many different operating systems with even trying from a 
> Live Ubuntu CD today and the console - vnc doesn't work period. If 
> anyone knows a particular operating system, browser version, and java 
> version that works please list it here.
> IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY to get to the VM to fix it's network issue 
> through the main poxmox shell? may SSH into the IPv6 address of the VM?
> I don't see why the VM's can't pickup the proper IPv4 from my DHCP 
> router. It's definitely not a router issue as it supplies many other 
> endpoints including vmbr0 and vmbr1.
> Please advise. Thanks
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