[PVE-User] Storage Questions

Rakhesh Sasidharan rakhesh at rakhesh.net
Thu Nov 25 17:59:10 CET 2010


(Apologies if these questions are already documented anywhere. I had a
quick look at the Proxmox documentation and forums but couldn't find

I am a new user to Proxmox and KVM in general. Proxmox is excellent, my
thanks to all those who created it. :) 

I have a couple of storage questions. 

1) I note that its possible to add two types of local storage - as LVM
or as a directory. Are there any advantages/ disadvantages to each? I
have a second hard disk which I'd like to add to my storage pool and my
initial thought was to initialize it via LVM, mount in a directory, and
then add to Proxmox. But that's when I realized it can take the LVM
group directly, so not sure if I should go that route or not. 

2) If I have a second hard disk, are there any performance advantages in
moving the virtual machine disk to that machine instead of leaving them
on the same disk as Proxmox? I remember reading somewhere (not KVM/
Proxmox forums) that if the virtual machines disks are on a separate
machine there is less competition between the host OS and the guests for
the same disk ...

3) If I have a virtual machine installed in a directory based storage,
is there any easy way of moving the OS from that to an LVM storage? 


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