[PVE-User] Couple of questions

Erik van Ast Erik.van.Ast at suzohapp.nl
Wed May 19 10:29:31 CEST 2010

Hi all,


I have a couple of short questions and I hope someone can answer them
for me. I have already searched the internet and most of the times there
is an answer, but the answer is a bit too complicated for me, because I
have a Windows background and not a Linux one. We are using more and
more open source software and we are also starting to work with Linux
based OS'es like Ubuntu and OpenSuse so I want to learn more...


My questions regarding Proxmox :


*         What's the difference between the different disc busses (IDE,
SCSI and VIRTIO)? I found multiple articles on this subject but not a
very clear answer for me. I also saw that you need to use IDE for
Windows and SCSI for Linux, but when do you use VIRTIO? And I have
created a new OpenSUSE machine with which SCSI didn't work but IDE and
VIRTIO did...

*         Is it important to choose a guest type when you install a new

*         When you have a quad core CPU, can you choose for up to 4 CPU
sockets, or can you only choose for 4 CPU sockets when you have 4 CPU's?

*         Can someone tell me what kind of network card I have to choose
when creating a new KVM machine? What's the difference between the

*         What's the difference between KVM and OpenVZ? I have small
experience with VMWare and is it true that KVM Is similar to VMWare? I
have also tried to create a new VM with OpenVZ with a downloaded
Appliance Template, but when I tried to install I couldn't connect to
the internet and I couldn't create a new network card...

*         Is it easy and without risk to update the Kernel? We are using
Proxmox 1.5 with kernel version 2.6.18-2-pve and I read that a newer
version was available. Can it be upgraded without risk of losing data
and how can we upgrade?

*         Is it possible to use 2 Proxmox servers connected to 1 SAN or
NAS so when 1 Proxmox server goes down, the other is able to take over
the machines residing on the SAN or NAS?


Those are a lot of questions, but I hope someone can answer them for me
so I am able to configure Proxmox for us in a better way. If someone can
only answer those questions by referring to known articles, it's fine
with me...


Kind regards,

Erik van Ast


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