[PVE-User] Clustering and vmbr0 / eth0

rupi rupi at rantanplan.org
Mon Mar 29 10:21:29 CEST 2010


i just wanted to upgrade an existing pve node to be my cluster master and
stumbled across a weird limitation:
It seems that its impossible to create a cluster on something different 
than the vmbr0 ip address or eth0. This is however unfeasable, frist because 
we don't have a vmbr0 (since i have several different bridges i prefer to 
have 'em numbered like the according vlan) and second but more important
to us is we don't want a cluster node beeing reachable on a network used
by its guests. There isn't a eth0 since we use bonding, and no bond0 ip
either because the cluster is not on the default vlan.. 

Before i hack around i wanted to ask if there are weird consequences 
changeing this behaviour - as long as every node may talk to each other
on a shared 'cluster' lan there shouldn't be any? or am i mistaken here?

The cluster admin tool pveca fetches the ip on cluster creation like this:
	$res->{ip} = $cinfo->{local}->{ip};

The code line 182 in Cluster.pm grabs this ip from vmbr0 or eth0
my $localip = $ifaces->{vmbr0}->{address} || $ifaces->{eth0}->{address};

For a future release an optional flag -I <ip> like that for adding a slave
to a master would be nice. For now i'd be glad for an answer if its 
worth a try to temporarily change the line 182 in Cluster.pm (I know
the answer its reasonable safe would probably require more testing.. but
i'm happy with a an answer like:
A) Yes, do it we just add the ip to the cluster config and don't care 
   about the interface anyway so we won't be asking that again after we
   wrote it into the cluster configuration.

or (worse)

B) No, you are mad.. didn't you read line n to m in x this would seriously
   fuck up all cluster communication.

Unfortunatly i currently lack the hardware to make a quick test setting..


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