[PVE-User] proxmox version 1.5 not remembering openVZ settings after reboot

Guy guy at britewhite.net
Tue Mar 16 09:06:55 CET 2010

For the first time in over 150 days I had cause to reboot my proxmox servers (Power failure, and UPS batteries running low).  when they came back up I found two rather annoying issues..

1. devnodes don't seem to survive reboots, I have this on several of my openVZ images "vzctl set 106 --devnodes loop0:none --save", of course were loop0 is loop1 etc..
Anyway, shutting down the image and restarting works just fine so I know it's saved it. However when I shutdown proxmox it's self I found that none of my images had retained their devnode configurations.  I have multiple proxmox servers and they all showed the same.

2. We NFS mount ISOImages and Backups onto my proxmox systems using the GUI (storage menu), After a reboot I found that these NFS mount was not automatically remounted until I went to the storage page and tried to access the mount point.  This had the side effect that none of my openVZ images were also able to mount their NFS mounts, I think because the kernel modules weren't loaded in proxmox.


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