[PVE-User] What is the underlying cluster software in PVE?

Gary Sedgwick gary at symbion.co.uk
Thu Jul 8 15:00:10 CEST 2010


I'm setting up a couple of servers in a HA configuration using PVE.  I've
created a DRBD device (I plan to put the /var/lib/vz directory on this to
have HA OpenVZ instances), configured Corosync, and am about to configure
Pacemaker to manage it all.

However, before I go much further, it became apparent that PVE must be
using something very similar to Corosync for cluster communication - would
this be correct?  I'm guessing it's proprietary software rather than an
established open source project like Corosync?  I'm thinking that it's not
ideal to have two different systems (both taking bandwidth) doing
essentially the same thing... is there any (easy) way to avoid this?

Also, looking at the PVE roadmap, I presume there are plans afoot to
integrate Corosync and Pacemaker (and DRBD?) in future releases, but does
this also extend to OpenVZ VMs?

Any advice greatly appreciated.  NB when I have things up and running I
plan to publish a step by step howto on setting up two servers in a HA
configuration running PVE, DRBD, Pacemaker and Corosync.



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