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Hugh Saunders hugh at smtl.co.uk
Thu Jan 28 13:01:36 CET 2010

Hi Martin,

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Martin Maurer <martin at proxmox.com> wrote:

>> 2) How does proxmox ensure the use of LVM is cluster safe?
>> Eg if I have an iSCSI lun that is connected to both hosts, and each VM
>> uses a separate LV, thats fine, but how does proxmox ensure that:
>> a) The same LV is not mounted on both host machines at once
>> b) That only one host attempts to update the LVM meta-data at a time?
>> (Eg create a new lv/snapshot)
> We implemented our own locking mechanism.

Good to hear that.

One more question about this:

I'd like to have another machine connect to the LUN+VG in order to take LVM
snapshots of each LV, and back them up. This machine would not be hosting
any virtual machines. Is it possible to run the proxmox locking mechanism on
the machine thats taking the backups, without running a full install of
proxmox? The backup box would be debian/ubuntu based.


Hugh Saunders
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