[PVE-User] lvm+iscsi

Hugh Saunders hugh at smtl.co.uk
Wed Jan 27 13:39:22 CET 2010

I am interested in using proxmox-ve, but have a few questions.

I'd like to use two machines to host VMs in a cluster, so that VMs can
be migrated from one to the other. The shared storage I'd like to use
is iSCSI + LVM.

So questions..
1) If I use hardware iSCSI HBAs in the two hosts, can I do live
migration of VMs? Or does that only work with a software iSCSI

2) How does proxmox ensure the use of LVM is cluster safe?
Eg if I have an iSCSI lun that is connected to both hosts, and each VM
uses a separate LV, thats fine, but how does proxmox ensure that:
a) The same LV is not mounted on both host machines at once
b) That only one host attempts to update the LVM meta-data at a time?
(Eg create a new lv/snapshot)

3)Is iscsi+lvm a recommended/supported shared storage configuration?
Or would it be better/safer to go with NFS?

Thanks for any information

Hugh Saunders

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