[PVE-User] Feature request regarding backup file naming

Fred Supinski fred at vmu.ca
Fri Jan 8 05:00:21 CET 2010

>> Hi,
>> I have a request regarding the new backup file naming conventions in PVE
>> 1.4.  Prior to v1.4, filenames were always the same for each backup run,
>> now they include a timestamp.
>> While including the timestamp is a great feature, it would be very
>> helpful if it were optional.  The backup system that I have built for my
>> setup relies on the backup files having a predictable name.  This way my
>> scripts can automatically move them into long term storage and do
>> whatever else I need.  With the new schema, my backup system is broken.
> Regular expressions are your friend :)

Though they won't cover all the bases.  Incremental or rdiff-backups are
two scenarios I can think of.

On the surface it looks like something that might be easy to implement
as an option.  Though it might not be that trivial.


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