[PVE-User] tmpfs qemu lock file

Lars Wilke lw at lwilke.de
Mon Aug 23 16:47:30 CEST 2010

* Dietmar Maurer wrote:
> > Not sure if this already known.
> > But when using tmpfs for /var/lock
> > The /var/lock/qemu-server dir is not
> > recreated and funny[tm] things happen.
> > Like getting an error when saving a
> > vm config through the webgui.
> What OS is that exactly (AFAIK debian does not mount /var/lock on tmpfs)?

A normal PromoxVE Installation - so Debian.
Debian does not activate this feature per default but prepares everything
for you in /etc/default/rcS (the Vars RAMRUN for /var/run and RAMLOCK for
The default size of these RAM based filesystems can be defined in
/etc/default/tmpfs via setting the TMPFS_SIZE variable.

# pveversion -v
pve-manager: 1.5-10 (pve-manager/1.5/4822)
running kernel: 2.6.18-2-pve
proxmox-ve-2.6.18: 1.5-5
pve-kernel-2.6.18-2-pve: 2.6.18-5
qemu-server: 1.1-16
pve-firmware: 1.0-5
libpve-storage-perl: 1.0-13
vncterm: 0.9-2
vzctl: 3.0.23-1pve11
vzdump: 1.2-5
vzprocps: 2.0.11-1dso2
vzquota: 3.0.11-1
pve-qemu-kvm-2.6.18: 0.9.1-5

# cat /etc/debian_version

Just wanted to let you know ... setting /var/lock back to non-volatile storage
does the trick. But maybe this should be mentioned somewhere?


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