[PVE-User] Request: add -q (quiet mode) to ssh-commands

Timh B timh at shiwebs.net
Tue Aug 3 14:43:40 CEST 2010

>> > First, what command do you talk about? (vzmigrate or qmigrate)?
>> Actually, it's the webgui's migrate im talking about. If I use
>> vzmigrate
>> through a shell I can use --ssh=-q to suppress the banners. Im not sure
>> about qmigrate.
> If you migrate OpenVZ containers it is 'vzmigrate' you use.
> vzmigrate is a shell script (no perl involved), and is developed by the
> OpenVZ team. So please can report that to the openvz bug tracker (or
> mailing list)?

There is no problem with vzmigrate and qmigrate, i've already updated them
to include the -q as a default ssh-option. But if I run a migrate from
another member of the cluster via the web-gui the banner is still shown
(the master-node sshs to the member and run vzmigrate/qmigrate/pvectl

>> > Is there any other ssh option which suppress the banner?
>> Well, the -q option suppresses all non-fatal output from SSH as you
>> pointed out earlier, I dont think there is an option to only suppress
>> the
>> banner except for removing the banner from the servers.
> what about 'BatchMode' option - does that display the banner too?

The 'BatchMode' does not suppress the banner, it only suppress
password/passphrase questions.
(man ssh_config)
             If set to “yes”, passphrase/password querying will be disabled.
             In addition, the ServerAliveInterval option will be set to 300
             seconds by default.  This option is useful in scripts and other
             batch jobs where no user is present to supply the password, and
             where it is desirable to detect a broken network swiftly.  The
             argument must be “yes” or “no”.  The default is “no”.

(man ssh)
     -q      Quiet mode.  Causes most warning and diagnostic messages to be
             suppressed.  Only fatal errors are displayed. If a second -q is
             given then even fatal errors are suppressed, except for those
             produced due solely to bad arguments.

I just thing it would be neat to be able to suppress banners and motd's
when using the webgui.

For now I will update all files i find that does ssh-operations and add -q
to the ssh options, like I said, this is not a problem just a minor
annoyance when using a banner on the servers.

>> My thought was
>> that it could be implemented as an option in the settings in the web-
>> gui.
> no - that is a bad idea.


> - Dietmar


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