[PVE-User] Request: add -q (quiet mode) to ssh-commands

Timh B timh at shiwebs.net
Tue Aug 3 11:55:06 CEST 2010

>> > Option -q causes most warning and diagnostic messages to be
>> suppressed.
>> > This is not what we want.
>> Ok, could this be implemented as an option or should I simply patch the
>> perl-files myself?
> First, what command do you talk about? (vzmigrate or qmigrate)?

Actually, it's the webgui's migrate im talking about. If I use vzmigrate
through a shell I can use --ssh=-q to suppress the banners. Im not sure
about qmigrate.

> Is there any other ssh option which suppress the banner?

Well, the -q option suppresses all non-fatal output from SSH as you
pointed out earlier, I dont think there is an option to only suppress the
banner except for removing the banner from the servers. My thought was
that it could be implemented as an option in the settings in the web-gui.


> - Dietmar


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