[PVE-User] Routing puzzle !

Darquandier darquandier at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 17:32:46 CEST 2010

Hello everyone, count me in on the proxmox ve ship !

Still, I'm having some troubles setting up port forwarding to a container,
here is my story :

I set up a proxmox server with a container inside having a bridged ethernet
and it's own public ip.
Let's call the host server CT0 and the container CT101.
CT0 has a vmbr0 interface with an internet public address (call it
CT101 has a bridged interface, called eth0, with it's own public address
CT101 connects to a VPN, and therefore [public-ip-CT101] becomes unreachable
On CT0, I created an alias vmbr0:0 with ip
On CT101, I created an alias eth0:0 with ip
With or withour the vpn, CT0 can now see CT101 and ssh through it, etc.
using this LAN.
Now, I want to redirect some of the incoming traffic arriving on CT0 to
CT101. Maily an ssh port and some other network services, so that CT101
remains fully operatable even when connected to the VPN, and I cannot find
the good iptables command to put on the CT0.
The best I can do is forwarding the port, I see the packets arrive, but no
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