[PVE-User] KVM options menu

Tony Zakula tony at zakula.com
Tue Sep 15 16:21:41 CEST 2009

I just have a quick question.  I have looked for documentation for this, but
could not seem to find it.  On the options tab for the KVM machine, the
three options:

Disable KVM
Disable ACPI
Freeze CPU at startup

Is there any recommendation on these?  I recently disabled kvm on a debian
install and the processor was at a continuous 100%.  I am trying to
understand and tune this for testing to possibly put in a production

Right now, I have two machines in a cluster with quad core processors, 4gb
ram and one sata disk each.  I installed the bare metal proxmox, and plan to
use debian kvms for all virtual machines.  The debian kvms have ext3
filesystems.  Can I still do a live migration from the web interface online
without risking corruption?  or do I need to shutdown the kvm machine?

Thank you for your help.  I am sure I can donate if I can get this off the

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