[PVE-User] Self-created templates.

Luis Alberto Zarrabeitia Gomez kyrie at uh.cu
Fri Oct 30 15:02:32 CET 2009

Perfect, thank you both (Dietmar and Joe). 

I have not tried this yet, but it makes a lot of sense that this is the problem.
And this seems to be exactly what I was looking for.


Luis Zarrabeitia
Facultad de Matemática y Computación, UH

Quoting Dietmar Maurer <dietmar at proxmox.com>:

> > I guess I'll have to dig around the dab sources to find out.
> Maybe you start udev inside the template - this can be a problem. 
> - Dietmar

Participe en Universidad 2010, del 8 al 12 de febrero de 2010
La Habana, Cuba 

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