[PVE-User] Kernel packages: bug and questions

rupi rupi at rantanplan.org
Mon Nov 30 11:54:37 CET 2009


i'm currently in the process of testing pve and discovered a small
problem with the pve kernel packages:

My environment consists of Debian Lenny machines using the pve
repository. On inital instalation and on the recent upgrade the initrd
provided by the package failed to mount the root filesystem correctly
(its on a lvm). Recreation of the initrd using `update-initrd` fixes
this problem - however since you need to reboot in an other kernel and
single user mode to do so if you forget to do so in advance its somehow

Now the noob questions: i read the thread in the forum about kernel
packages an can understand your reluctance to maintain more than one
image. But openvz support isn't needed to run pve for a kvm only
environment - it works perfectly if you simply disable the vz init
script. Since drbd is going mainline there shouldn't be any need for
your images or did you add some other patches to the pve kernel packages
i need - or want?

Is it possible to adjust the packages to enable installation of the pve
environment without openvz enabled kernels? This would ease the creation
of preseed files for a node installation. 


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