[PVE-User] problem

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Tue Nov 17 13:33:12 CET 2009

I already rebooted the server twice because I found the post on the forum describing the fairsched issue.

/proc/fairsched doesn't exist for me, so I guess it's cleaned up :)

root at proxmox:~# ls /proc/fairsched
ls: cannot access /proc/fairsched: No such file or directory

root at proxmox:~# locate fairsched

I can try to remove all proxmox packages, reboot and then put the packages back. 

On 17 Nov 2009, at 13:25, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:

> Dietmar Maurer wrote:
>>> unable to create fairsched node
>> And you boot the right kernel? What is the output of
> I had such an issue once or twice.
> Rebooting the server helped.
> Apparently, the "fairsched" didn't clean up after itself, and there were "nodes" created in /proc/fairsched* files.
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