[PVE-User] User administration.

Luis Zarrabeitia kyrie at uh.cu
Wed Nov 4 01:10:49 CET 2009

Hello... "question #2".

There will be more than one person on the team that will administer our pve 
cluster. I'd like them to have distinct administration passwords (I don't 
care right now about restricting some of them to certain tasks, I'm fine with 
all of them being superusers). Mainly, I would like to be able to revoke 
one's access without having to get everyone to learn a new password.

¿what would be the best approach? User acounts+sudo? Would that work with the 
web interface?

Thank you.

Luis Zarrabeitia (aka Kyrie)
Fac. de Matemática y Computación, UH.

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