[PVE-User] Storage Model Best Practices

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Mon Nov 2 17:30:11 CET 2009

Andrew Niemantsverdriet wrote:
> Does anybody have any best practices that they would like to share
> with setting up shared storage for use with Proxmox especially with
> iSCSI?
> Things I would like to know is how do you make your iSCSI target? Give
> each virtual machine a separate LUN or make one giant LUN and Proxmox
> manage the whole thing. Or any other hints or tricks to get iSCSI and
> live migration working smoothly would be appreciated.

On a SAN machine, I personally use TGT[1] as a target. It's a totally 
separate machine to other Proxmox VE instances; it is just a SAN, there 
are no guests running on it etc.

I make each virtual machine use a different target.

This is because it lets you add/remove/modify targets without affecting 
other (running) targets.
With on giant target with many luns, the above is just not possible.

Also, this approach lets you find out (on the initiator) which target 
uses which block device - just look into symlinks created by udev in 

[1] http://stgt.berlios.de

Tomasz Chmielewski

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