[PVE-User] VNC Console from Ubuntu 9.04 Firefox Problems

Theron T. Trout ttcom at mellonway.com
Mon May 25 20:51:58 CEST 2009

Since upgrading my primary work machine to Ubuntu 9.04 I've been unable
to access any Proxmox PVE virtual machines through the vnc
console from it.  I've tried against PVE 1.1 and 1.2 with no change.
Works fine from Firefox on a windows box.

I've uninstalled (purged) the Sun Java JRE 6 and reinstalled a couple
times now to no avail.

Other Java applets appear to work fine.

When I try to access VNC console the window pops up, hourglass icon
appears, all Firefox windows stop responding.  Force-quit is required to
close Firefox.  Get similar result on 3 different Proxmox PVE servers.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance,


Theron Trout
Principal, Mellonway LLC

800-614-MWAY (6929)

Efficiency and Results through Expertise. (TM)

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