[PVE-User] KVM instance spontaneously shut down

Erik Gulliksson erik.gulliksson at diino.net
Thu Mar 19 09:49:59 CET 2009


I noticed that one of the KVM instances that we run in Proxmox
suddenly were unreachable. When logging in to the Proxmox webui the
machine is in stopped state. I then found the following log messages
in HNs syslog that looks relevant:

Mar 19 08:02:44 proxmox1 pvemirror[2134]: restarting server after 151
cycles to reduce memory usage (free 62963712 bytes)
Mar 19 08:02:44 proxmox1 pvemirror[2134]: server shutdown (restart)
Mar 19 08:02:44 proxmox1 pvemirror[2134]: restarting server

The HN in this case had about 5G free memory at the timestamp above
according to munin graphs.

Configuration of the KVM-machine:
$ cat /etc/qemu-server/101.conf
ostype: l26
vlan1: virtio=5E:C0:ED:4D:56:32
memory: 1024
name: quota1
smp: 1
bootdisk: scsi0
scsi0: vm-101-disk.qcow2
vlan2: virtio=DE:19:1D:E8:0C:05
onboot: 1

What would cause this behaviour? Is it a bug or some protection
feature that kicked in for some reason?

Br / Erik

Erik Gulliksson, erik.gulliksson at diino.net
System Administrator, Diino AB

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