[PVE-User] Proxmox VE Clustering Usage Scenarios

Theron T. Trout ttcom at mellonway.com
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Thanks for the fast response.  Very interesting and helpful.

>> Let's say that there is a cluster of 4 machines used by an organization.
>>  The organization decides to open a second office and wants to host two
>> additional machines at the second location.  Are there any problems with
>> extending a cluster in such a way?  It seems like it would be an
>> effective means for an IT manager at location 1 to manage the entire
>> organization's servers in one place.  The concern here would be if
>> something happens to the network connection between the two locations,
>> would local staff at location 2 be able to directly manage their proxmox
>> instances temporarily through the child web consoles without causing
>> problems?
> A cluster over WAN is not a good idea, just think of sync. of the ISO files and templates.
> I recommend not to cluster the new office to the existing one.

That makes sense.  What if you decided not to buy new machines, but
rather to take two of the nodes in the original setup and move them to
the other location to be a new cluster?  Will this cause any problems?
Would you just remove them from the cluster and then simply promote one
to be a master node at the new location?

If one removes a child node from a cluster and then reconsiders and
wants to add it back, will it be safe to do so?  I.e, will the fact that
it was configured as part of a cluster and have unique VMIDs make it
safe to re-add it to the cluster, or do you have to back up the VMs,
clear the machine, re-add it, and then restore the VMs?

(Unfortunately, I don't have enough machines available to setup a
cluster for testing these things.  Sorry for that.)

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