[PVE-User] Emergency boot-cd

Lorenzo Quatrini lorenzo at gmk.it
Wed Mar 11 10:10:13 CET 2009

Hi all,
I was playing around trying to setup a software mirror (which I really think
that should be an included feature) when I ended with a kernel panik on boot.
I know I just missed to correctly rebuild the initrd image to include the mdadm
stuff, so it would be an easy fix; probably I'll end on rebuilding the image on
another system and then copy on the server... but... and this is the real question:

what can I use as an emergency boot-cd?
So far I was unable to found a compatible one (on which I could for example
boot, mount the fixed disk and chroot on the environment to rebuild initrds and
so on, like I am able to do with CentOS or Fedora)


Lorenzo Quatrini

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