[PVE-User] Problems booting PVE from USB Disk Drive

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Fri Jun 12 07:01:02 CEST 2009



	I seek your help in debugging a boot process that fails.  Does PVE
have any "cheat codes" like Knoppix offers to manipulate the boot
process?  Is there any way to pause the boot process so that I may
read the console messages to get a sense as to what is going wrong? 
If nothing else, it would be great to change the retry period to
something longer than 5 seconds so that I would be able to scroll
back and read the console messages. 

	I am trying to create a bootable USB hard drive so that I can dual
boot Windows and PVE on my laptop.  I believe that I need to dual
boot rather than run Windows as a guest because I use the laptop for
performing and composing music and the device drivers may not work
well in a virtual environment.  But that may turn out not to be
necessary after I conduct some side-by-side performance tests.  Until
then, I have to use an external device because PVE takes over the
entire drive upon which it is installed and so it would clobber my
existing Windows. 

	I installed PVE 1.3 onto the USB drive and the installation appeared
to go pretty well.  However, when I boot from the USB drive, it
eventually aborts with a Kernel panic after attempting to mount
/dev/mapper/pve-root on /mnt and gives-up ater 3 tries. 

	I tried to scroll back to see the console messages but don't get
very far in the 5 seconds that PVE gives me between retries. 
Scolling is no longer possible once the Kernel quits. 

	Any advice on how to proceed from here would be greatly appreciated.
 ProxMox is doing a two-phase boot so we should be able to boot from
USB devices once we can determine what is going wrong.  For anyone
interested in learning along with me, here's a link to a good article
on booting Linux from external USB and Firewire devices: 

	Thanks for your assistance, 



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